Getting back out there?

Go safely. 

The Paxonomy reusable mask uses a nano-filter that stops 99.9% of viruses. It’s safe, sustainable and exceedingly comfortable. 

Now with eco-friendly travel pouch.


Reunite safely and sustainably


At Paxonomy we are working on innovative personal protective equipment (PPE) products to help people go about their business. Our reusable masks and PPE kits are sustainable and cost effective. As new challenges arise we respond with smart design.

Eco-friendly protection Kits

Reassure your staff, customers or guests with premium protection kits.


  • Reusable mask, gloves, sanitiser and carry case
  • Custom branded for your business
  • Tailored contents to your preference
  • Presentable, sustainable and safe

Our premium nano-filter mask

Superior protection to a standard face-covering with built-in nano-fibre membrane.


– 2-way 99.9% viral filter from Respilon

– Hand wash and reuse 30 times

– Ergonomic and Comfortable

– Travel Pouch

Infrared thermometer

PPE Products to get you back to business

We offer a range of PPE products: disposable masks, thermometers, hand sanitiser, gloves, face shields and more. Everything you need to get you back to business safely, in tailored packages for your staff.

Helping you navigate the changed world

Getting back to business and managing staff during the pandemic is stressful and challenging. We have devoted our team of expert lawyers, HR, scientists and business people to help navigate the changing landscape. Check out our blogs below or get in touch directly on 

Sunrise London

Plan ahead to secure PPE

To secure personal protective equipment (PPE) supplies – act now. PPE has a key role to play as governments, businesses and organisations plan their transition

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