We established PAXONOMY as a subsidiary of Paper Sail Limited in response to the global Coronavirus pandemic. Paper Sail was established in 2018 as an incubator for companies with a shared mission at Paper Sail to make modern life healthier and more productive. 

We are a British business with a long-standing reliable network of global contacts and supply chains across manufacturing and distribution built over 30 years.

This enables us to secure reliable, high quality products with a dependable supply. We will prioritise supply for British teams of key workers and businesses, working in partnership to secure the PPE you need to get back to business.

Global demand is putting a great deal of stress on couriers, PPE manufacturers and suppliers resulting in constantly fluctuating supply and prices. We have a priority list of honest, reliable suppliers and are always straight forward about what we can and can’t deliver by when and at what price.

To secure supply and the best prices we recommend businesses act now.

Our collective experience in sales, import/export, distribution, law, health, technology, logistics, retail, design and finance enables us to support the wider community and economy. We look forward to working with you.

  • Hafiz Shariff – Founder
  • Nagib Shariff – Sourcing & distribution
  • Jocelyn Rupprecht – Logistics & sustainability
  • Elliott Koehler – Product design 

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