Paxonomy Reusable Mask - 2 Pack

Paxonomy’s reusable mask is a soft, durable and ergonomically contoured mask with exceptionally high  particle filtration from a Respilon nano-fiber filter. It’s re-washable by hand 50 times, meaning each mask offers at least a full month of use. It’s ergonomic, adjustable and hypoallergenic and doesn’t fog glasses.

Each mask comes individually heat-sealed and UV sanitised. Please note that the Paxonomy mask is not classified as a medical face mask. Masks are not presently shipping with TPU pouches.

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New Eco-Friendly Travel Pouch

TPU Travel pouch now included with every order

Somewhere to carry your mask that’s reusable, practical and eco-friendly. 

The pouch can be disinfected with alcohol or washed with soap and water. 

TPU is an amazing plastic that biodegrades in a few years and doesn’t harm our planet. 

filter diagram

Ultra-fine 0.1 micron filtration

Respilon filters viruses, pollution, pollen and more

Respilon nano-fibre membrane filters 99.9% of microbes – better than most FFP2 masks.  

This means it provides better protection for you and for the people around you. 

It also filters dust and pollution effectively, meaning you can breathe even easier. 

The Paxonomy mask is not a medical device so does not distract supplies from healthcare workers. 

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Reusable 50 times

Sustainable and easy

The entire mask can be hand-washed with liquid soap and water, maintaining filtration capabilities for 50 washes. 

No need to replace and buy new filters. Just wash and re-wear. 


More than 200 million

Disposable masks manufactured every day...

Much of it will be used once and then end up in landfill or the ocean. Just one Paxonomy mask can save 49 single-use masks ending up in the environment. 

We use organic cotton and natural silk (which is carbon-neutral) and our masks are built to last. We’re working hard to replace the plastic wrapper with bioplastic.

Premium design and materials

For breathable all-day comfort

Unique cotton blend (50% Cotton/ 50% Polyester) material for all-day comfort that breathes and remains cool. 

Ergonomic nose bridge holds the mask close so it doesn’t fog your glasses. 

Exceptional chin-piece you won’t find on other masks stops the mask riding up. 

The material is treated with durable water repellent nano-coating that repels droplets. 


Less than 35p per wear

That's cheaper than surgical, FFP2 or FFP3 masks

The Paxonomy mask represents exceptional value for any mask, let alone one with a 0.1 micron filter. The mask is built to last and will carry-on as a high-quality face covering even after 50 washes. 

Respilon logo

Respilon 3-layer nano-fiber

Filtration and breathability that lasts

The nanofiber filtration layer in Respilon is covered on both sides with tough non-woven fabric.

This RESPILON nanofiber membrane is rated the highest in dense filters on the market but still provides better breathability and higher filtration efficiency than our competitors.


nano fibre membrane diagram


The nano-fibre filter used in the Paxonomy mask has been rigorously laboratory tested by  Nelson Laboratories USA. It is proven to effectively filter 99.9% of viruses. 

Testing certificates are available on request. 

The Paxonomy mask was designed in conjunction with Respilon to maximise its effectiveness and comfort including ergonomics, fit, fabrics, ear loops, have all been designed to maximise the effectiveness of our masks. 


Your mask can only protect you if used correctly.

Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water for 20 seconds or use hand sanitiser before and after touching your mask – whether you are putting it on or taking it off.

When wearing a mask, avoid touching your face or mask, as you could contaminate the mask with germs from your hands, or vice versa. 

Continue to wash your hands regularly, practise social distancing wherever possible, and continue to follow government guidelines. 


Your mask is designed to be used and washed 50 times. You must wash your mask at the end of each day that you use it. 

Hand wash your mask with liquid soap and water, rinse well and hang to dry at room temperature and observe the care instructions below. 

We provide a leaflet with care instructions with each purchase. 

Respilon is the trade name of a nano fibre filter material manufactured by RESPILON Group s. r. o., Cejl 12, 602 00 Brno, Czech Republic.

You can purchase a mask directly from the online pharmacy

Trade customers can contact us directly for sample-order pricing, however, our lead times are longer than through

Each mask is sanitised with ultraviolet light before being individually heat-sealed into a plastic wallet. 

We have developed a reusable pouch that will be available soon. Contact us for more information. 

The Paxonomy reusable mask is manufactured for Paxonomy in Thailand. 

The respilon nano-filter material used in our masks is manufactured in the EU. 

The Paxonomy Reusable mask employs a mechanical nano-filter that works while humid and can be washed and reused.

Commonly available respirators like N95 and FFP2 masks used in hospitals employ electrostatic filters that degrade with humidity and should be discarded after around 8 hours. 

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